Since I am now trapped in this world! Sitting here, take my medicine that will keep me alive.
Most of all I would like to only stun, sleep, and this wonderful dream to dream!

I sit in my garden, beautiful flowers everywhere. Behind a wall suddenly I see your face. You look at me and raise your head to detect me better. Like a flower in the wind!
I recognized you immediately. Feel my thoughts, it was you, my dream. I am writing to you my thoughts of you, the most beautiful words you can put in thought.

Also, you realize that I just mean it honestly with you. Your head lifts, turns more and more to me. We do not want to lose now! But it happens, the wind dies down, my flower ceases to dance. I can not see, can not find you. Not reach! Is it my fault? I too dreamed of? What happened? I only know that I must go on!

Maybe us this moment of intimacy was given as a present to again have hope.
No! I do not want that. I do not want only hope! I need you! Do you not hear it? I need you! The love is the only thing that can keep me alive. I’m looking for it all my life. I’m lose my faith. My only faith!

Then please let this wonderful dream never ends! I still have some hope!

© by Oliver Saak

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