The truth! Who we are human beings, where we come from and what we must do.

My name is Oliver Saak.
Oliver means „the olive trees planted,“ Saak was known in Sumerian and
means „for cause“ or „to be sure“.

Since I was twelve I had a vision: „A clean, non-violent world,“ consisting of a word that is understood as a law: „Love“!
In this world, highly intelligent beings, humans live. Man in a form that few can imagine, but this purity can reach all existing people. A human being who does not communicate with others, as is still the case today. But a human who has so much sensitivity that it is no longer necessary to speak. He communicates in which he holds eye contact and his opponent can read his thoughts. Falsehood or other, there is no bad characteristics. They are simply just not possible! This Human is real I know this. Why? Because I’m on my way there! And since I was twelve! And because I had the „revelation“, and know who our „creator“ really were!

I will report where we come from, and who we really are. I want to show you what is really in us and how we can radically change our lives for the better by simple means, and must. It’s 11:55 clock! We still have five minutes. But we can do it. And I know how!

Next, it is the first and foremost we need to do as a human. We must do this together, each to each. Only in this way, and the only way it can work. It is the first step for a „dignity“ of the human species on this earth.
And do not fear those who do not believe to create this path: faith, and also the way you will Revealed!

Since no one else is making a start, I am so „FREE“!

Since no one else is making a start, I am so „FREE“!

I’m Oliver Saak and my name is the duty.


by Oliver Saak

2 Antworten zu “The truth! Who we are human beings, where we come from and what we must do.

  1. ❤ Peace Oliver – I can completely see where you are coming from. I think we all as humans are on this same journey but do not all reach the same points in the spiritual journey at the same time.Some people say that they never reach this point or have any spiritual questions but I think those people are deluding themselves and even those who put all their faith in Science – well to me this is still a faith and still a search for answers. Love energy is the most powerful energy in my opinion and humanity needs to learn how to harness it ❤

    • Thank you Laura, that you share my views. I see the people in the Stone Age tight. Would be firmly embedded in the social fabric of an „One-Law“ policy, our species could be much further. We could have this great brain, which we call the universe already left!
      regards Oliver 😉

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